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Your Will Be Done | I Want To Be Different.

If we can be honest with ourselves for a moment. Most of the time we go to God in prayer, is when we’re facing some sort of issue in our lives or are experiencing higher than normal anxiety.

Although really, we should go to Jesus in prayer for all things that we do and in all situations good or bad, we shouldn’t be discouraged or feel guilty when we pray a little harder during the rough times.

In fact, Jesus wants to take our burdens (Matthew 11:28-30). Offloading our problems onto Jesus through prayer, while therapeutic in its nature, can only really resolve the problem if we can hear the response hes trying to give us.

Our lives are messy and because of that mess our minds are cloudy. Often times we’re unable to hear what God is trying to tell us. Either because we’re unwilling to hear anything but what we want to hear, we’re too busy trying to solve our own problems, or we have unresolved sin which make us feel unworthy to even receive a answer from God.

It’s important to set our hearts straight, go to Jesus in prayer when our hearts are sincere and when our minds are at rest for a moment. We should give thanks, ask for forgiveness, and just speak to God as both a friend and father.

Let’s take a moment to clear our minds and go into worship together. Giving God praise will align our spirit more easily to speak and listen.




Please forgive me of my sins. I have no desire to sin against you or anyone else. At times, my sin comes so naturally to me that I don’t even realize I’m doing it, or it’s too late when I do. Jesus, help me resolve these issues in my life that I may be more like you.

Thank you for giving me this life, this opportunity to know you and experience your love.

The man who I am now, is not the image you have for my life. I am often filled with strife, fear, doubt and anger. I want to be different.

Jesus teach me to listen, teach me to be still in my most susceptible moments and feel your peace. Jesus, give me what I need manage these negative aspects of my humanity. Help me draw closer to you, know you and understand some of you. Give me a passion to read your word and the wisdom to understand the messages I receive.

Help me apply what I learn daily, so that I may find peace and joy. Your will be done Lord (Matthew 6:9-15). Help me be the man you created me to be.


One Comment

  • Joshua

    June 12, 2019 at 7:10 am

    I love the opening lyric of that song, “I don’t want to hear anymore, teach me to listen”. I know for me it’s difficult to filter out the noise from the world and truly listen to what God is sharing with me. I know He only wants good for me, but I, through bad habits, enemy attacks, or just plane selfishness decide not to listen to Him, who knows best for me. The man who I am now, is not the image you have for my life. I am often filled with doubt, unbelief, feeling alone, or self pride. Dear Father, help me to listen to you. help me filter out the negative noise in my life so that I may hone in on the clear and loud signal of your love.